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Mercedes Vito (01/2015+) – Non-drill shelving unit

The Caddy Storage Non-Drill Shelving Kit is the latest in our new line of easy-to-install shelving kits. The new shelving kit not only capitalises on the design quality and reliability of our standard shelving, but goes above and beyond by allowing you to install it without permanent modifications to your vehicle.

What we can provide to you is a product which requires no drilling into your vehicle. It has no additional fitting costs and is completely removable and can be transferred to another vehicle of the same make and model.


  • Installed using only existing tie down points in the floor and on
    the walls.
  • Has 4 adjustable shelves, sized for various plastic bins and
    carry cases.
  • Our standard model has removable side plates for the storage
    of long equipment and material
  • The shelving unit has been tested and exceeds the
    requirements of the National Transport Commission (NTC)
    Load Restraint Guide (LRG)
  • Each shelf is rated to 50kg with the load evenly distributed
  • Can be fitted with all variations of flooring
  • Our standard model has dark grey side panels and light grey

    Optional extra accessories include:

  • Extra end panels for accessory fastening
  • Soap dispenser1kg fire extinguisher
  • Paper towel holder with paper towel
  • First aid kit with tray (includes dedicated tray with reflective
    backing for easy locating)
  • Various sized plastic bins + carry cases


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