Our Facilities

Our Facilities

With our very own manufacturing facility, Caddy Storage is able to design and develop custom solutions to suit your specific requirements. From the initial design through to the installation of your products, we can do it all!

We have recently invested in state of the art machinery to add to our growing manufacturing facility at our Sydney head office. The new machines allow for production times to be reduced with a wider range of products to be manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Find out more about our new equipment in the brochure below, or visit our facility!

Caddy Storage has been manufacturing products in Australia since 1986. Our Sydney headquarters offers the latest computerized design and manufacturing facilities, including CNC tube benders, CNC bending machines, CNC turret punches, laser cutting machines, robotic press brake, cut off saws, hi tech welding bays, powder coating facilities and much more. We invest heavily in machinery and employ over 120+ employees to ensure we can still manufacture in Australia.

Welding Bays

1 of 12 on location

Turret Punches

2 on location

Robotic Bender

1 on location


Machines & Equipment


1 on location

Laser Cutter

1 on location

CNC Router

1 on location

Spray Painting Booth

1 on location

Template Jigs

Used for service bodies utes

Template Jigs

Used for Trucks

Introducing our new and improved powder coating line!

Caddy Storage is very excited to announce the newest upgrade to our manufacturing plant – our brand new powder coating line. The new automated system provides better efficiency and increased capacity to manufacture our growing range of products. This now involves a programmed pre-treatment process and coherent baking time in the 15m long oven to ensure an overall improved consistency in the quality of the powder coat.



Spray Booths

Finished Products

Through consistent acquisitions in state of the art machinery and the newest 3D technology to design our products, we ensure that our goods are of the highest quality and visually appealing. As we manufacture our products at our head office, we have the flexibility to offer custom design and installation options to suit your individual needs.

Test Rig Facility

Caddy Storage has a design department which specialises in developing new and improved products to suit the automotive industry and to assist our clients. We undertake both internal and consultant external design and testing to produce and maintain our range of products.

We specialise in producing a range of core products which suit all aspects of industry and vehicle fleets. Designs are checked for their compliance with the Australian Design Rules, WHS regulations, relevant standards and codes -before, during, while testing, and reviewed on completion. In- house testing of cargo barriers, towbars, and specialised components is supplemented by external consultants as required:

Specialised components- are developed and designed to comply with relevant ADRs, relevant standards, regulations and codes. Vehicle shelving and canopy mountings are designed to comply with the Australian Safe Load Code. Dangerous goods restraints are designed to comply with the Dangerous Goods Code.

Vehicle modifications requiring state government approval can be complied by the customer’s engineer or arranged by Caddy through their consultants against the ADR requirements and National Codes VSB8 and VSB14.

Process Testing- Powder coating is tested in-house weekly and externally on a monthly basis to ensure process conforms to AS 4056.Process Testing-Specialised components are tested in accordance with ISO 2859 Inspection by Attributes.

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