Extra Cab Service Body – 1800mm W / 860mm H – F/A



Service Body Extra Cab – 1800mm W / 860mm H – F/A


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  • White powder coat (paint) finish
  • 5mm Ribbed rubber floor
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • (2) Side opening lift up doors – full length passenger & driver side, (1) Rear tailgate lift up door
  • Keyed alike door locks with no external fasteners for security
  • Combining extended storage with safety and protection of your tools and equipment.
  • Australian manufactured
Ute Type Extra Cab
Dimensions 2100mm L x 1800mm W x 860mm H
Finish White powder coat (paint) finish
Availability Now – currently in stock
Doors Full length passenger & driver side. Rear tailgate lift up door.
Central Locking Optional
Interior 5mm ribbed rubber floor
Exterior Pretreatment – chromate dipped

Key Features

The features that makes our Service Bodies the best:

Drop-on Body. In stock

Caddy Service Bodies are built to drop-on dual, extra and single cab alloy trays. And the best part? We have them in stock.

Completely Aluminium

Lightweight but built tough. Our bodies help reduce dead-weight and energy consumption while increasing load capacity.

Built Tough

Full internal & vertical frame supports in the body with re-enforced 2.5mm alloy plate floor. Ribs on all doors for minimal flex.

Chromate Dipped

Pretreatment chromate dipped for increased corrosion resistance while remaining electrically conductive. Self-healing properties when scratched or abraded.

Add-on Features

You can add the follow features to your Extra Cab Service Body:

Under Body Box – White
655 x 450 x 200 natural finish
central-locking-small Central Locking
3 door central locking

Extra Cab Service Body - 1800mm W / 860mm H - F/A


In stock


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PRODUCT: Extra Cab Service Body – 1800mm W / 860mm H – F/A (OS-SB-EC-860-FA-P-01)