Kinetics Hot Water System


Kinetics Hot Water System

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Kinetics Hot Water Unit (Handiwash)

Handiwash Weight: 5.5kg Empty, 14.0kg Full

Water Capacity: 8.5 litres

Voltage – Handiwash 12V System: 9.6 Amps at 12Volt DC

– Large Filler Opening – allows easy filling;
– Water Level Indicator;
– Indicator Lamp – illuminates when heater element is operating;
– Quality Taps – maintenance free;
– A cover moulded from super tough, UV resistant polymers suitable for internal and external applications;
– Fold Down Basin – drains automatically when folded up;
– Drain Hose, drain hose fitted to the base of the unit for dispertion of used water;
– Installation, the unit can easily be mounted to any vertical surface and wired to a 12 volt power source;
– The heavy duty element uses highly corrosive resistant materials and state of the art electronics. The water element thermostatically controls the hot water temperature to 60° C. The system is also protected by a thermal overload safety device;
– Hot and Cold Taps;
– Unit is thermostatically controlled;and
– Power Lead connected to vehicles power supply via a relay so unit is only operational when the vehicle ignition is on.