Toyota Hilux 2015+ “A” Deck Dual Cab Over Rail Ute Liner

Code: OS-BL-TH15-DAU

Toyota Hilux 2015+ “A” Deck Dual Cab Over Rail Ute Liner

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Toyota Hilux Dual Cab (09/15+) – ‘A’ Deck Under Rail Ute Liner

– Protects Ute Tub from Scratches, marks and impacts
– Grilled Design along with textured material prevents your cargo from sliding
– Easy to install, requires no drilling
– Anti-UV Surface allows ute liner to be easily cleaned
– Constructed as a single piece
– Over rail design allows ute liner to extend its protection over the lip of the Ute Tub
– Can be used in combination with Caddy Ute Canopies

Difference between Under and Over Rail Ute Liners?

Under Rail Ute Liners sit up to the top inner lip of the Ute tub whilst Over Rail Ute Liners extend and curl over the Ute Tub lip. It is best to consider that Under Rail Ute liners are generally more suited to Ute vehicles with a Canopy or Ute Lid Installed.

Image above is an under rail Ute Liner

Image above is an over rail ute liner

If you are unsure, please consult your nearest Caddy Storage Sales Representative.