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Mobility Products

///Mobility Products

Caddy Mobility prides itself on quality products and services. 100% Australian owned, Caddy is a trusted name in mobility conversions.

Caddy Mobility specializes in wheelchair accessible vehicle solutions, bus conversions, mobility accessories, wheelchair accessible taxi conversions, mining vehicles and bus seatbelt conversions.

Hand Controls


  • Onion grip steering wheel spinners
  • Push/ pat hand controls



  • Caddy Mobility can supply and fit aftermarket replacement seatbelts to retrofit your bus, van or ute with up-to-date seatbelts. Don't risk your life with old belts!
  • All work on seatbelts is performed in accordance with the ADRS and QLD Transport Code of Practice.

Hand Rails


  • Fold out handrails and fixed entry grab rails to aid in the entry requirements of your passengers.



  • Van, bus, truck, station wagon or 4x4, we fit and modify seating to your requirements. From a 15 seat bus conversion with Techsafe coach seats, to extra children's seating in your station wagon, we have got you covered.

Child Restraints


  • Caddy Mobility are child restraint specialists! We can fit your van, ute or bus with the appropriate device from a crab bar, DCD, DCA, or commuter bus.



  • Caddy Mobility can supply and fit wheelchair loading ramps, goods loading ramps for your panel van or truck, and hydraulic loading platforms.

Air Suspension


  • If you need a smoother ride for your wheelchair van or more stability for your delivery van, call us to discuss what system suits you best.

Entry Steps


  • Omni and Quickee automatic electric steps and Caddy fold out manual steps, all to make entry into your vehicle that little bit easier.

Wheelchair Hoists


  • Braun, Ricon, AMF, Tiemans... no matter what brand of hoist you require, we can supply, fit and service a hoist to suit your needs.