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Vehicle Accessories Tilting Vice Slide

Transform your vehicle into a portable workshop with our brand new Caddy Storage product.


  • Added rubber buffer to swinging arm for added stability and support to base plate
  • Vertically compact: swinging arm allows vice to be stored upright in vehicle
  • Redesigned latch / locking system for fast use
  • Suitable for Irwin 4” Vice (as shown)
  • Available with a 650mm or a 500mm length arm.

Introducing: The Tilting Vice Slide. This product can be installed into any vehicle. It’s compact design allows you to store more in your vehicle. It can be neatly stored in vertical position when not in use; and with the quick release locking system the vice is ready for use in seconds. This products works well by itself or to compliment our Adjustable shelving units, CPS drawers, Caddy Drawers, etc.


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