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Caddy Service Bodies Pre-Treatment & Painting Process

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Below is the stringent process/steps we follow for pre-treatment and painting of our Service Bodies.

  • Step 1: Degreasing and Rust Cleaning – After welding the service body is sent to the pre-treatment area for degreasing, rust cleaning, dipping and rinsing in the Alkaline (to remove the oil)
  • Step 2: Rinsing in Acid – Next step is to dip the product in acid for rust protection.
  • Step 3: Rinsing in the fresh water
  • Step 4: Surface Conditioning – Using decolouriser to ensure the surface colour is even
  • Step 5: 2 minutes Chroming  (to prevent rusting )
  • Step 6: Rinsing in the fresh water & drying
  • Step 7: Patching & applying filler
  • Step 8: Polishing
  • Step 9: Painting – Our Service Bodies and Tool Boxes are manually painted. The small parts are painted automatically at the painting line.
  • Step 10: Powder coating – To obtain a high gloss surface
  • Step 11: Baked in oven: 10-12 minutes
  • Step 12: Packing for protection


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