Cargo Barriers and Air Curtains

Caddy have many different types and combinations of cargo barriers on offer for vans, passenger vehicles and 4WD’s. These are available in front, dual or rear position, mesh, polycarbonate and anti vapor barriers dependent on your vehicle. For more information about installation and models available please view the cargo barrier fit guide to find your vehicle.

Cargo barriers are a cost-effective method of keeping you safe in your vehicle, in the event of a sudden braking event or accident the Caddy cargo barrier will protect you and your family from the risk of unsecured loads flying into the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Something as simple as a 1 kilogram bag of groceries can become a 20 kilogram missile in a minor accident and can cause injury or worse to the vehicle’s occupants. All Caddy cargo barriers are built to the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4034.1 to withstand a 60 kg load impacting the barrier

Trust our experts

With over 30 years of experience in creating high-quality storage products, Caddy Storage has earnt a reputation for designing and manufacturing products that enhance safety and are built to last. We put the safe storage of equipment and products first, and therefore you can trust that when you choose caddy for your cargo barriers, you’re in good hands.

Please note that the below images depicted are for reference only – not all cargo barriers are suitable for all vehicles.

We’re now authorised stockist and install of Hayman Reese Cargo Barriers

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