Mercedes X-Class Lifestyle GSX Canopies are now in stock!

We are now officially selling Alpha Canopies for the new Mercedes X-Class. For the moment we are only offering the Lifestyle GSX canopy with Side Lift Up Windows but time will tell on whether or not we will expand the range of canopies available for this vehicle.

Ute Canopy Colours Available for X-Class:

Chisana White (9139)

Kabara Black (9291)

Diamond Silver (9988)

Rock Grey (7259)

Axinit Bronze (1288)

Cavansite Blue (5890)

Danakil Red (9021)

Granite Green (6580)

Bering White (9389)

All Alpha Canopies are lined with vinyl for the life style canopies and carpet for the work style canopies. They have an interior light that operates when you open the back door and are fitted with a high level brake light.

All latches are made of stainless steel and are of an “automotive car door latch” type construction. All doors have a single handle so that they can be opened with one hand. Our canopies are manufactured to have roof racks installed without needing additional bracing added to the interior at additional cost. Most now also come with roof racks as standard.

Common Features for all Canopies

  • Hand-laid fibreglass one piece shell for added strength
  • Smooth finish
  • Automotive 2 Pack paint
  • Lateral rear door water drain gutters to minimise water entering the tub through the tailgate
  • Internal light with rear door activation
  • No drill clamping system for fitment to vehicle
  • Reinforced fibreglass back door frame for increased strength and protection of glass
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Tinting manufactured into the side and rear glass windows for extra privacy
  • Rear mounted 3rd brake light
  • Twin gas struts on all doors for easy opening and access
  • Slam hatch doors for single hand operation
  • Front sliding window for ease in cleaning the rear of the cabin window
  • Stainless steel hardware to prevent rust
  • All canopies are uniquely keyed to avoid someone else having a matching key
  • Design styling to compliment the vehicle


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