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Mercedes Vito 07/2015+ LWB Mesh Wall Panels and Wheel Arch Guard Covers

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Mesh wall panels and wheel arch guard for the Mercedes Vito 07/2015+ LWB model. Minimalist design, can be mounted on existing points. Click below for product features and details.

Caddy Storage has recently developed a set of Mesh Wall Panels and Wheel Arch Guards for the Mercedes Vito (07/2015+) LWB model. This set is ideal for couriers or transportation services and will help to provide extra protection to the interior of your vehicle. The mesh wall allows you to hang accessories to it or strap your cargo to the wall for added stability. It also provides protection to the vehicle’s outside skin if the load is moving internally in the cargo area.

  • WP-MV15L-MESH-DSR – Driver side Mesh Wall Panel
  • WP-MV15L-MESH-PSR – Passenger side Mesh Wall Panel
  • WAC-MV15-001 – Wheel Arch Guard


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